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High School of Chemistry Pardubice

Applied chemistry

A traditional specialization has been offered by the school constantly for almost 60 years. A four-year full-time study is finished by a final exam. From the second grade the students continue their studies according to one of these syllabuses:

  • analytical chemistry
  • pharmaceutical substances
  • chemical-pharmaceutical production
  • analysis of chemical and biological materials
  • forensic technology and expertise
  • surface treatment of materials

Characterization of the specialization

The universality of the study programme enables the graduates to be prepared for work in both industrial companies and small private enterprises, in state and community service, in research and development, in supervisory laboratories and other places where wide chemical and technical knowledge, skills and adaptability are required.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate is a fully educated chemist, whose education is oriented into one of four specialisations presented in the school educational programme. Students gain modern education, technical, economic and managerial skills, together with a high level of computer and communication skills and a language preparation.