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High School of Chemistry Pardubice

Chemist operator

Chemist operator [28-42-L/51]

School educational syllabus: Chemist operator

A two-year combined study finished by a school-leaving exam.

For graduates of vocational courses with apprenticeship certificate of practice.

Characterization of the specialization:

The universality of the vocational program enables the graduates to be prepared to work in industrial companies as well as in small private enterprises, research centres, control laboratories and in places where versatile chemical and technical knowledge, skills and quick adaptability are required. Students are well prepared for further education at universities or colleges specializing in the study of chemical and engineering disciplines.

The specialization is designed for graduates of Operating chemist programme or for graduates of partial occupational qualifications by the National Qualifications Framework. It is designed for those who are already working and want to complete the qualification.

Profile of the graduate:

The graduate is a fully educated chemist in a broad field of chemical disciplines. Combining technical and economic-management skills, complemented by a high level of computer skills, language training and the development of communication skills, students gain modern interdisciplinary education.