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High School of Chemistry Pardubice

Hair cosmetics

Hair cosmetics [69-41-L/52]

School educational syllabus: Hair cosmetics

A two-year full-time study finished by a school-leaving exam.

For graduates of the vocational course Hairdresser 69-51-H/01 with apprenticeship certificate of practice.

Characterization of the specialization:

This educational field requires both, manual skills and intellectual knowledge and application of aesthetic perception and creative and logical thinking. Students extend their skills acquired in previous training in the vocational course Hairdresser. Students develop their practical skills in modern equipped premises at the school. They meet customers here. They acquire additional knowledge and skills in the field of hair care products and cosmetics, in psychology and hygiene.

A part of the training is the opportunity to visit excursions, lectures and competitions (e.g. Young Fashion Designer in Jihlava and Caliber Cup in Lanškroun).

The school provides refresher courses, such as hair extensions, nail modelling etc.

Profile of the graduate:

The graduate can work as a hairdresser with wider possibilities thanks to higher qualifications. The graduates are fully independent in providing professional hairdressing services in medium-sized and small-sized companies, studios and salons, where they make women’s, men’s and children’s haircuts with use of well-chosen technological processes and in accordance with individual customer requirements, aesthetic requirements, fashion trends, and occupational safety and hygiene regulations. Their care is much more complex in the area of consulting in terms of hair treatment and design of a fashionable hairstyle. The graduates can also find employment as a self-employed person in the field of hairdressing.

Within this field of study, the students gain work experience in the hairdressing salon in the school building, which is available to public.