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High School of Chemistry Pardubice


School educational syllabus Hairdresser.

A three-year full-time study.

The students get the apprenticeship certificate at the end of the study.

Characterization of the specialization

The specialization Hairdresser is designed for students who like working with people, who want to make something new and their interest is to offer hairdressing services. The basis of this specialization is the vocational practice in fully equipped beauty salon, where the student learns the basic operations, gets knowledge about the hairdressing and gains the first contact with clients. The theoretical preparation is focused on hair care, making a hairstyle, principles of hygiene and professional communication. A significant part of the study is a possibility to visit professional excursions, lectures and competitions (for example Mladý módní tvůrce in Jihlava, Calibr Cup in Lanškroun). The school also arranges refresher or in-service courses, for example hair lengthening, visage courses, nail modeling and others.

Profile of the graduate

The graduates of the school educational program find employment as hairdressers offering professional services in both large and small beauty salons where they make men´s, women´s and children´s haircuts/hairstyles choosing the appropriate technological procedures in compliance with individual customer´s wishes, aesthetic requirements, modern trends, safety and hygiene regulation. The graduates provide professional advisory services in field of hair care.

The students get practice in a beauty salon which is located in the school building and it is available for the general public.