Česká verze

High School of Chemistry Pardubice

Safety and legal studies

Newly opened study specialization at our school.

A four-year full-time study is finished with a final exam.

From the second grade the students continue their studies according to one of these syllabuses:

  • forensics
  • protection of persons and property

Characterization of the specialization

After graduation, the graduate is well informed in the system of government and public administration and in the system of the state and civil (private) security forces. In the course of study the students are acquainted with the basic rules and formal requirements for the administrative work of the security forces. The graduates also have the necessary knowledge of the legal system of the Czech Republic. The students are acquainted with the different branches of Czech law system, with the emphasis on criminal law. The graduates also have the knowledge of standards of public order and its the protection, they use information and communication technologies, the basics of economics, psychology and other social sciences. During the study the ability of the self-control is developed, which is used during the training in self-defence. An integral part of the study is the study of two foreign languages.

Profile of the graduate

The gained education allows the graduates to apply for posts in the public and private security forces, conduct business in private security services and agencies, to work in administrative jobs in state and private organizations and also to apply for studies at colleges or universities with security or legal specializations and also to apply to study at the police academy.