Česká verze

High School of Chemistry Pardubice

Safety services

A two-year full-time follow-up study is finished with a final exam.

Characterization of the specialization:

The graduate is informed about the basics of psychology, pedagogy. He is able to distinguish unlawful action and to open and run criminal proceedings. He acquires general knowledge of the administrative work and has necessary knowledge of law, fieldwork rules of investigation, of security and of application of rules of the protection of victims of criminal acts, of information and communication technologies of the state administration and economics.

Profile of the graduate:

The graduate can be employed in occupations where the knowledge and appropriate application of legal regulations of the Czech Republic is required, in the fields of public order and interior security. They also can work in public administration in the fields of company protection, banking, insurance industry, in the organs of the integrated rescue system, and also in prison services, the judicial guard, municipal police and customs administration.