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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

SPŠCH Pardubice started producing a disinfectant solution at the time of the coronavirus infection

In connection with the infection with a new type of coronavirus, the need for disinfectants is also growing dramatically in the Pardubice region. Due to the fact that the Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice owns the certification for the preparation of the disinfectant solution, it agreed together with the governor’s office on its production. The school also distribute it to key places. The Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice also participated in the same process. „If we have enough raw materials, we could produce up to two thousand liters of disinfectant solution per day. We will try to serve the Integrated Rescue System, the Regional Hygiene Station and the social area, but the Railway Infrastructure Administration has also spoken out. We are also counting on assistance with municipal authorities,” says school director Jan Ptáček.

Anti Covid disinfection, Covid 19

According to the World Health Organization, a disinfectant of this type contains alcohol (ethanol) as the main component, as well as hydrogen peroxide and glycerol. „The ratio of the individual components is based on the recipe: the alcohol is over eight liters, glycerol around 140 ml and peroxide, which we dilute from 30% to 3%, approximately half a liter. Alcohol is a disinfectant in itself, hydrogen peroxide has oxidizing properties and glycerol provides a layer on the hands so that the substances do not evaporate so quickly and the skin remains elastic. These solutions dry out, so it is a good idea to lubricate your hands several times a day to avoid drying it out,” explains the school principal.

At the moment production has started in a small scale. School laboratory technicians fill up bottles with a capacity of 250 to 300 ml. In the case of ten-liter canisters the school is able to handle such capacity even with the use of a laboratory and a vacated classroom on the ground floor. The price of the product depends on the price of the raw materials. „If we get alcohol for 70 CZK, a liter of disinfection will cost about 100 CZK. If we get alcohol cheaper, disinfection will also be cheaper, “guarantees Jan Ptáček.

Anti covid disinfection, COVID 19

The school reacted in the same way as the factory of the French brand Louis Vuitton LVMH. Its production lines, which have so far produced perfumes and make-up for luxury brands such as Christián Dior and Givenchy, have also started producing hand disinfectants during the coronavirus epidemic.