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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Start of transportation of the third million liter of raw materials for Anti-COVID (WHO) disinfection

In the end of March, the company Ethanol Energy a. s. delivered already 2 million liters of denatured alcohol for the needs of the Czech Republic for the production of Anti-COVID disinfection. At the same time, it has already delivered almost 100,000 liters of final Anti-COVID disinfection. In addition to the supply of Anti-COVID for the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, we are also trying to gradually satisfy the requirements of regions, cities and municipalities. Today, with the participation of the mayor of Olomouc Miroslav Žbánek, we also handed over 1,000 liters of disinfection for the needs of this region. The mayor also thanked the staff of the Customs Administration for their dedication, who are present on the distillery premises in accordance with the law for the production of alcohol and its denaturation. „This delivery of the Anti-COVID disinfectant mixture will be taken over by our firefighters immediately upon arrival, who will immediately ensure preparation smaller packages and quick distribution,“ said Mayor Žbánek during the takeover. Another expedition of 1,000 liters will be ready for the needs of Olomouc for the next day.

The delivery for Pardubice Region did not come to Vrdy to the day when governer Martin Netolický and the director of the Upper Secondary School of Chemistry in Pardubice, Jan Ptáček, was at Ethanol Energy which was handing over part of the donation to support the crisis announced a few days before. SPŠCH Pardubice, as one of the authorized manufacturers of Anti-COVID disinfection, took over 4,000 liters of denatured alcohol and immediately, according to the assurance of the director, processes it into the final substance. „We appreciate this gift, which will help ensure disinfection for our region. We have already prepared the distribution channel which is set up in school premises. Therefore, we will quickly arrange deliveries of disinfection where it is needed. I am glad that the school took on this task quickly and effectively at a time when teaching was not taking place“ said governor Martin Netolický about the next steps in ensuring disinfection in the Pardubice region.

„We continue to count on deliveries of denatured alcohol from Ethanol Energy a. s. Today, we were offered other necessary components which are needed according to the WHO recipe. Company will continue to provide us with the supply that is needed of the Pardubice Region for Anti-COVID disinfectants, „said Jan Ptáček – school principal, after receiving the gift.

„In response to the high social demand and based on the request of the state administration, we quickly reoriented all our forces and capacities to ensure the necessary disinfection. We are now working on full capacity. We have sold 2 million liters of denatured alcohol for disinfection this morning and we are starting the third million. That is why we are convinced that very soon there will be enough disinfection in the Czech Republic and no one will have to be afraid of repeating the situation“ emphasized Martin Kubů, CEO of Ethanol Energy.

The National Council of Persons with Disabilities and especially its representative for the Pardubice Region, Lenka Skokanová, is very thankful for today’s both donations which will ensure sufficient disinfection for the needs of social services. „In times of crisis, socially disadvantaged or with disabilities fellow citizens are often forgotten and they need our help more than ever because they cannot get it themselves. I am convinced that the need for regular anti-viral disinfection will certainly be needed in our sector for several more months“ said Lenka Skokanová during the visit.

Part of today’s handover of disinfection or raw materials for production was an open tour of the plant. There was an opportunity to look inside the company, into production facilities or into quality control laboratories. „In our plant from Czech corn we produce up to 200,000 liters of raw materials for disinfectants per day. There should not be any shortage in the Czech market. Extremely high demand from abroad signals that the enormous consumption of disinfection is not only in our country, but across Europe. We are happy to provide at least this much-needed substance ourselves today, regardless of imports, “ said Radovan Smítka, Sales Director of Ethanol Energy.

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