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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

40 000 litres of Anti-COVID and more to go

SPSCH Pardubice have been working in producing Anti-COVID disinfectant for more than a month now. It was sold already more than 40 000 litres of prepared Anti-COVID. First priority at the beginning was first responders (medical personnel, fire fighters, police) and fulfil their demand. Only after that we managed the rest: small, medium and large organisations and individuals around Pardubice region. There is constant interest and demand for disinfectant. The school has prepared system for registration of everyone’s interest. Every day there are hundreds of calls which are managed by school teachers and administration staff members. We have hundreds in our list that have been already received Anti-COVID and more in process of receiving it. To handle all this work there are number of staff members involved in it and we had to change some of the regular school facilities.

  Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus 

Production from school chemistry laboratories when it was done in small scale was transferred into bigger facility to prepare big scale production line. The school’s gym for self-defence class is now turned into a storage and preparation room for Anti-COVID. All needed conditions and requirements are done to prepare safe work space.

Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus

The production of Anti-COVID is done regularly when basic ingredients according to World Health Organisation (WHO) recipe – alcohol (ethanol) as the main component, as well as hydrogen peroxide and glycerol – are received from suppliers. We have received great support from main partners – Preol, Synthesia and Ethanol Energy. You can read more about our first received donation from Ethanol Energy in previous article. Overall, we have continued support from Pardubice Region Municipality office.

Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus

Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus  

Production process is done and monitored by our chemistry teachers, laboratory assistants, other workers and also even one of school alumni (chemistry programme). This work is done in shifts so to divide the workload and to have consistent work on Anti-COVID production and distribution. Teachers still need to teach students online, prepare learning material, etc. Administrative staff also need to manage other daily running activities for school. However, all of the staff are fully motivated and eager to support Pardubice region with needed Anti-COVID disinfectant.

Anti-COVID coronavirus koronavirus

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