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Střední průmyslová škola chemická Pardubice

School was awarded with Erasmus+ VET accreditation

Since 1992 SPŠCH Pardubice has been an active participant in international initiatives and projects. Hundreds of students and a lot of teachers took part in mobilities for their professional and personal development. Our school has hosted many foreign students and teachers. Numbers of projects were granted and implemented. 

One of the best approval of high quality in an international VET mobility management is recently granted Erasmus+ VET accreditation (2020) which opens the doors to a sustainable implementation of school internationalisation strategy. It follows previously obtained Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter (2018).

This would not be possible without leading staff members´ exceptional dedication and knowledge, support from management and of course motivated teachers and students. For our school community the internationalisation is definitely an integral part of education and overall life at school. 

We are all looking forward to coming up opportunities that are brought with the new Erasmus+ programme period (2021-2027) for our students, teachers and overall staff, e.g. international students´ competitions, invited external experts from abroad, VET mobilities to non programme countries (e.g. Asia, Africa, America) and more. Future awaits us and we await the future, hopefully at more favourable conditions than we believe in.

You can find more about school international activities here.