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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

History of the School

The Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice was founded in February 1946 as a two-year secondary school thanks to the demands of developing chemical companies in the Pardubice region. The first classes of four-year study were opened in 1952 and four years later the students finished the school with school leaving examinations.

First, the school was led by the headmastership of the High School of Food Technology. In 1953, the school became an independent organization, but it did not have its own school building; the classrooms were placed in different parts of the town. The Ministry of Education even planned to cancel the school in 1955 which brought a lot of indignation. Finally, the school was placed in a building in Na Třísle Street where the rooms were rebuilt and were used since September 1, 1960.

In this school building, there were eleven classroom; a physical chemistry laboratory; physics, chemistry and technology rooms; a library; and three offices. The Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice shared the building with two vocational schools and only after they moved away, at the beginning of the 90s´, did the school start to use the whole building. As a result, new classrooms, ICT and language rooms, laboratories, a new school library and a gymnastic hall were established. The Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice stayed in Na Třísle Street for 51 years.

In July and August 2011, the school moved to the building in Poděbradská Street, in the immediate vicinity of Faculty of Chemical Technology of University of Pardubice. The secondary education and the university education were almost interconnected.

Our school is now situated in newly reconstructed premises. The greatest change was realized in the laboratories, which were newly built. Today they fully cover the increasing demand for both study and vocational chemical programmes and they fulfill the requirements for quality teaching. A fire training tower, an athletic oval and a laser shooting range were built. After a year in the new building, the range of study and vocational programmes was broaden. Together with traditional chemical study fields, the school also offers an education in specializations such as fire protection, safety and legal studies, cosmetics and hairdressing. In 2016, two new fields of study were opened, chemist operator and hair cosmetics.