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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

CLIL in Education – Erasmus+ KA2

Erasmus+ KA202: CLIL in Education

Duration: 01.11.2020-31.12.2022

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Registration no.: 2020-1-CZ01-KA202-078232


Project summary

Our project wants to stimulate high-quality, innovative ways of teaching and learning through new approach.

CLIL aims to develop an integrated educational approach that put together various subjects and language that engages students in learning by doing, and solving problems, which comprises acting, observing and reflecting on the data collected, while exposing them to the target language.

Through collaboration with our partners, we want to:

– deepen competences in English

– facilitate a preparation of CLIL lesson

– promote innovative teaching/learning methods with a great emphasis on language and multidisciplinary approach

– create more attractive ways of learning and thus increase students´ motivation to study

– promote teamwork at national/international level

– strengthen use of ICT and digital media for teaching/learning.



The main goal of CLIL project is to increase the quality of education and motivate students to be active in learning process and to equip them with skill sets to help them to be successful in their future jobs, to become responsible citizens and attractive for international labour market.

The more specific objective is to suggest and recommend for implementation a model of integrating English, other subjects and ICT in teaching and project-based learning.

Main outputs

  • Survey on using CLIL in partner schools
  • Manual for planning and creating CLIL tutorials
  • Catalogue of CLIL lessons
  • Digital tools for CLIL
  • International team competition for students