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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Online Schooling – Erasmus+ KA226

Online Schooling – Erasmus+ KA226

Duration: 01.03.2021– 28.02.2022

Registration no.: 2020-1-CZ01-KA226-VET-094223

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Teaching online requires specialized skill sets including the understanding of how to conduct classes in a virtual environment, knowing when and how to use video conferencing, share content, respond to students’ submissions. One of the key challenges in online teaching is how to assess students remotely, to prevent them from cheating, using other materials, or accessing the web on other devices during the test. Therefore, our project intends to focus on introducing effective pedagogical strategies for online teaching rather than the technology itself.

The general objective of our project is to motivate and help teachers to use online teaching to become a normal part of the educational process in our schools. The more specific objective is to suggest and recommend for implementation a model of assessing students remotely. By using this approach, students might gain enhanced learning outcomes.

Main outputs of the project:

  • Manual for teachers – will contain these parts:
    • Module Curriculum resources for teachers containing the list of resources, apps for teaching from home for various subjects
    • Module Professional development resources for teachers. While seminars and in-person courses are the normal ways for educators to gain professional development, we want to show alternative online opportunities by creating a list of stay-at-home professional learning resources
    • Module Digital tools to support online teaching – it will contain the top open digital educational tools for interactive online teaching and learning for teachers and students
    • Module Tools for collaboration – it will give an overview of the best online tools for students´ collaboration.
  • Guide for assessment – focused on testing options, strategies, methods, and software tools that allow teachers to generate engaging tasks and tools for choosing the right remote monitoring and assessment. It will instruct teachers on how to design assignments that do not provide opportunities for cheating and that require individualized answers.
  • Live resources for inspiration – videos by teachers on documenting/sharing the approach to digital teaching experiences, using remote learning strategies, and working with possibilities of assessing students remotely