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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Comenius – Assistantships

In school year 2011-2012 our school gained a teacher assistant Asuman Durmaz from Turkey within Comenius Assistantships project. Asuman Durmaz graduated as a chemistry teacher at Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi in Ankara.

Asu, as we called her, taught our students chemistry vocabulary in English lessons, she told the students many interesting facts about her native country, she presented selected chemistry topics in chemistry lessons, she spent a lot of time with students in chemical laboratories and she took part in excursions and school projects.


During her 5-month stay Asu met different classes and different grades and at the same time she tried to work with one group of students methodically. Students and teachers enjoyed the opportunity of everyday communication in English and for all of us it was a unique experience to meet a member of a different cultural background.


Asuman Durmaz wrote about the project:

„I am living in the Czech Republic, meeting new people, and having friends, colleagues and students. Moreover, I am a representative of my country and my culture to them, on the one hand, I am going to introduce Czech Republic’s culture to my home country. When I am back to my country, I am going to be a high school teacher. In Turkey, people don’t have much the chance to meet with people from different nations and travel to a foreign country and experience foreign cultures until they are accepted to universities.“