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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Comenius School Partnerships – The legends unite us

Comenius – The legends unite us

Project number: EST-2012-1-PT1-COM06-11808

Duration: 01 08 2012 – 31 07 2014

For more information about the project and its results follow HERE.



In school year 2012/2013 our school joined the international programme within Comenius programme, called „The legends unite us“ whose coordinators were our colleagues in Portugal. Other partners were schools from Spain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and the Netherlands. In this two-year project students learnt to communicate in a foreign language and work together on a given task, they worked on a book, posters, presentations and a theatre performance about important legends and history of the participating countries.

The first meeting of the parner schools was held in our school from 24 September to 28 September 2012 and we discussed the goals and the individual tasks of the project.

The second meeting was held in Spain, 2-6 February 2013.

On 16 April 2013 the group of nine students and their teachers went to Latvia and Lithuania for the third international meeting.

In September 2013, in the middle of the project, teachers from partner countries met again to agree on further progress and completion of the project. The meeting took place in Fürstenfeldbruck and all participants appreciated the excellent organization and hospitality of our German partners.

The fifth international meeting was held again in the Czech Republic, 14-18 October 2013. The project came into the second half. Our school and town were visited by a group of 6 teachers and 18 students from Latvia, Lithuania and Spain. During the meeting our partners visited the school, the town hall, Pardubice brewery, the workshop in the gallery, the historical part of the town and they took part in the trip to Prague and nearby town Chrudim. Our students also presented their work on the project, they accompanied our partners and they spent together four interesting evenings.

The closing meeting: Portugal – Barcelos, April 26 – May 4, 2014
The meeting was attended by nine students of our school and three teachers who worked with the students and helped them to prepare their final theatre performance about the legend of the Pardubice city emblem. The meeting took place in Barcelos, Portugal, at the end of April, which is the time when a traditional city festival is held. We could visit the traditional local market, watch parades and stage shows at the city theatre where the performances of the partner schools were held. Our students´ performance was appreciated by a big applause. In the following days we visited the school and historic cities Braga, Guimaraes and Porto. The unforgettable experience was swimming in cold Atlantic Ocean. A rich program was completed by a spectacular fireworks display at the end of our stay. We will never forget the hospitality of the hosts and the atmosphere of the festival, which has enriched the project meeting.

The final meeting, Latvia 7 –12 July, 2014
Unfortunately everything comes to the end. Within two years, all participants of the project have established many contacts, perfected their English and their theatrical skills and they wrote a book of legends. In Latvia, we had the opportunity not only to recall the wonderful experiences of our meetings, but also to prepare the final report on our project. Our thanks go first of all to the coordinators from Portugal, who prepared the project and also to the hosts of the last meeting in Latvia. We all believe that they will see one another in future

Students write about the project:

I really liked the time in Pardubice, especially at the restaurant at the dinner. We played games and talked and I think it was fun there. We listened to music, danced a bit, and I met new interesting people and heard about their culture and life.“

Kristýna Zoufalá

„I was in Prague with project The legends unite us. We went to a historical part of Prague with students from other countries. There we saw Astronomical Clock and Wenceslas Square. We also walked along Charles Bridge. We went back to Pardubice by train and our trip was rounded by dinner. The trip was a success and we enjoyed it.“

Kristýna Zavřelová

„I was in Lithuania and Latvia. It was awesome and a great discovering of new countries of Europe for me. I really enjoyed that, maybe because we had a super bunch. I would fly again to Latvia or Lithuania again without hesitation. I met a lot of new friends and I keep in touch with some of them. I remember a lot of super breakfasts and tasting different foods. I would definitely recommend to everyone to get involved in this project!“
Karel Bartoš

„This project is really great. We meet a lot of new people and improve our English. I was in Latvia and Lithuania. I spend there a week and I saw a lot of interesting places, Riga, Turaida, Trakai, Vilnius. And I ate a pork tongue for the first time. But most of all I enjoyed the time spent with people who participated in the project and who were so nice.“

Kačenka Matoušová

„The best moment of the project was a trip to Latvia and Lithuania. We were there I think for 6 or 7 days and it was fantastic because we met there a lot of fantastic people and very good friends and we visited very beautiful places. So I think this project is fantastic for all of us.“

Matěj Karabec

„When I visited Lithuania and Latvia it was great, because I met new friends and visited interesting countries. We are still in contact with some people from other countries and I have a lot of good memories.“

Petra Javůrková

I really liked nice time I spent with new friends. We were in Prague and Slatinany. The best was the dinner. I really enjoyed that. We played games, we talked together or danced. Thanks this great project I met new great people. This project is fantastic.

Lenka Kadidlová

I was invited to dinner with our visitors from Spain, Latvia and Lithuania. When I came I saw all of them for the first time. First I was a little bit frightened, but about an hour later I was OK. I talked with many interesting teenagers from other countries, especially with a boy from Latvia. We talked about computer games and other things. I had a great time and when the next meeting comes I will be there.