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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

For Education to Europe 2018-2019 –
Erasmus+ KA1


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Project implementation period: 13. 8. 2018 – 12. 8. 2019   


The project is aimed at supporting and deepening the competencies of our staff both in the professional field as well as in the linguistic and cultural spheres. Participants will use foreign mobility to focus on the specific ways, procedures and methods used by foreign partners to manage and lead the team, design and manage projects, use CLIL, and transfer these experiences and new trends into their daily work. The project is designed for nine staff members of our school – the headmaster, vice-director, project manager and teachers of English and vocational subjects.


Florence, ITALY

  1. – 19.10.2018

Participant: Ing. Miroslava Katzerová

The course was organized by the education company PIXEL and from our school was attended by the project manager. The course was attended by sixteen participants from five countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic). During the course, we attended lectures focused on individual phases of project management.

The lecturers took advantage of presentations, analyses of good practice examples, demonstrations, practical applications. A number of workshops and group exercises took place to ensure the understanding and practice of acquired knowledge.

The main topics of the course were:

Project management organisations and strategies, activity planning, project monitoring, impact and indicators of quality, evaluation of outputs, dissemination, exploitation, administrative and financial issues.



Limassol, KYPR

  1. – 19.10.2018

Participant: Ing. Jan Ptáček

The course was dedicated to school leaders and its team members and designed to demonstrate and analyse tools for creating clear vision of the role of all elements of the organisation from single person to strategy of whole school. Practical exercises provided participants possibility to learn methods in creation “whole school approach”, share good practices of Human Resource Management, learn effective strategic planning, increase knowledge how to establish effective cooperation with parents, etc.


Brighton, Great Britain

  1. – 12.10.2018

Participant: Mgr. Markéta Mazalová


Brighton, Great Britain

  1. – 25.10.2018

Participant: Mgr. Věra Poláková

Both courses were designed for English language teachers who want to renew and broaden their skills necessary for teaching a foreign language. From our school, two teachers took part in two consecutive dates, and after their return they could share and compare their experiences, new experiences and skills, as well as acquired materials for teaching.

The first course was attended by 7 teachers from 5 countries (Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia), the second course brought together 9 participants from 7 countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland).

At the beginning of the course we had a very effective and entertaining way of presenting each other and acquainted with each other.

On the course we got to know various teaching procedures. We have tried a number of techniques for teaching vocabulary and pronunciation, we have collected the sets of activities for the development of oral and written speech of pupils, we have addressed the issue of correcting errors and providing feedback, all often with the use of IT technology.

We got acquainted with current trends in teaching, with current vocabulary, with current global themes. Very interesting were the elements of critical thinking, methods of increasing pupils ‚ motivation to learn, didactic use of film in teaching, effective use of games during the lesson and new approaches to teaching grammar.

During the course we also tried many unusual activities, in which we involved not only the brain, but also the whole body while practicing yoga or juggling.

Our teachers were enthusiastic for their work, they used presentations as well as practical applications, experiential and group exercises.

In the end, each course participant prepared a presentation with a demonstration of a part of the lesson. In this activity, we used not only our own teaching experience, but also new approaches and methods that we learned in the course.

An important part of mobility was not only the course itself, but a lively contact with native speakers, British culture, host family and last but not least with other participants in the course, who came from a number of European countries. One of was lucky as she met Prince Harry with his wife Meghan.



Saint Julian´s, MALTA

29.10. – 9.11. 2018

Účastník: Ing. Jana Stočková

Dublin, IRSKO

  1. – 16.11. 2018

Účastník: Ing. Markéta Tefrová

These courses were designed for teachers of vocational subjects and were focused on improving language skills and integrating them into the teaching of professional subjects within the framework of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method.

In workshops and lectures, participants became acquainted with the principles and application of this method and how the theory can be related to their own practice in classrooms. The course included the means of planning CLIL teaching and material creation.

The main benefit of the course was for the participants a greater self confidence in speaking and writing in English and an understanding of the key principles of CLIL education planning, material creation and integration of teaching content and language. The gained competences are now used in teaching of Organic chemistry and Biochemistry.