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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Coco+ – Erasmus+ KA2

Improvement of the career choice process in technical and scientifical based VET (Coco+) – Erasmus+ KA202

Period: 1. 9. 2017 – 31. 12. 2020

Project webpage: //cocoplus.szily.hu/

Further information: //ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/eplus-project-details/#project/2017-1-NO01-KA202-034179  



The main objective of the project is an increase of interest for technically, scientifically based education. Project responds to lack of skilled and qualified labour force throughout Europe countries. The lack of qualified labour force is influenced by poor motivation to study technically, scientifically based schools. Moreover there is a significant mismatch between education output from the schools and labour market demands. Early school dropouts and unemployment are often severely influenced by above mentioned. This project aims to increase a motivation of young people for VET studies as well as to deepen an interest for technique and science. Rise awareness of young people about a situation in local labour market and labour market in general are also targets of the project.

Partners of the project represent both formal and non-formal education organizations where the main focus is VET education. Strengthening of collaboration between formal, non-formal education and companies is also a target. Individual goals of involved organization will be preparation of technically, scientifically oriented competitions with emphasis on collaboration of elementary schools, VET schools, organizations and companies. The main intellectual output will be a brochure consisted of all relevant information about preparation and conducting of specific competitions including sharing of good practices. The Brochure and any relative material will be widely available throughout EU countries.

The above described project CoCo+ should increase the interest of young people for technically, scientifically oriented education. It will also lead to strengthening of collaboration between elementary/secondary schools and companies. Closer interaction between mentioned subjects will positively affect particular labour market.

Main points:

  • Evaluation of present situation and modification proposals
  • Strengthening of interest for technically/scientifically oriented education
  • Early school dropout prevention
  • Strengthening of interaction between elementary/secondary schools and companies
  • Creative way of acquiring knowledge and skills (creative and innovative competitions)
  • Sharing of knowledge and good practice examples throughout EU

First Coco+ project Transnational Meeting in Odda, Norway

November 2017

Coco+ project seven partners gathered in Odda – Odda Upper Secondary School – at the first Transnational Meeting. 22 participants joined from Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Portugal and Norway. Headmaster Ing. Jan Ptacek and Chemistry teacher Ing. Jakub Navesnik represented SPSCH Pardubice in this meeting. We were discussing the financial issues, time schedule of the activities, plans for the meetings, progress of the project, communication tools and dissemination plan. During the meeting project team have adjusted some dates of coming meetings and mobilities. As there was a need, project was updated according to the National Agency recommendations.

Coco+ Erasmus

Partners have agreed on further communication via emails, Google Disk, Facebook and watsapp that secured thorough communication within consortium.

Presentation about Coco+ project main details 

Dugo Selo Hight School (Croatia) presentation

During the meeting all visitors had an opportunity to know each other in person, about their schools and organisations. Team had visited small cider factory and had common evening with traditional food with great atmosphere to network.

Coco+ Erasmus+

In addition, some of the participants had a chance also to hike to Eidesnuton – the peak just above the Odda city surrounded by glacial and Fjord, that game more insight about city and it’s surroundings.

It was very productive and very great meeting and a great start of Erasmus+ project – Coco+.

You can find more photos at the website: //cocoplus.szily.hu/2017-first-meeting-odda

See more information on project progress at the International Newsletter of Hordaland County Council (Norway) (page 17).

Second Transnational Meeting of Coco+ in Barcelos (Portugal)

2-3 May 2018

The Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos hosted second Transnational Meeting of Coco+ project. All partner organisations took part in it. Headmaster Ing. Jan Ptacek, Chemistry teacher Ing. Jakub Navesnik and Officer for International Relations Mgr. Justina Pluktaite represented SPSCH Pardubice during this meeting. Very important updates have been discussed on coming mobility programmes and dates, discussed in details coming intellectual output development, reviewed dissemination and website progress (//cocoplus.szily.hu), updated financial situation and plans.

All participants got to know more in details about The Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos during excursion around campus. This particular school is part of the group of schools and provide vocational education for students who wants to specialize in IT, business, economic, social sciences, arts (architecture, design), humanities (law), natural sciences (mainly geology, biology), etc. It has around 1400 students. School also has created integrative environment for students with special needs. It is needed to mention that the school is famous for its green initiatives. It has a garden that has more than 1000 different species of trees. There is no same tree in the garden. Solar panels are heating water for gyms. School has several alumnus who are Nobel prize winners in science field. That was great journey in getting to know one of Coco+ partners.

In addition, all TM participants had a chance to take in Barcelos unique festival – Festa das Cruzes 2018 and get to know historical and cultural heritage of the region.

During the meetings, project team have also updated schedule of the coming VET learners mobilities and discussed in details preliminary programme, what is needed to be done before arrival of participants and how to encourage more students to be motivated in such technological areas. All organisations are excited to proceed with these exchanges. In September 2018 SPSCH students will participate at Solar Car CUP workshops and competition in Chemnitz (Germany). All teams will have a tool kit that is specially developed for this particular competition.

See here presentation about SolarCarCUP.

There was also a discussion on creating local “Solar Car Clubs” in schools, so it could be focused on implement good practice and create sustainability of project activities after project implementation.

Presentation of Competition of profession stars (Hungary)

Getting to know more about Hungary:

Norway also presented their plans on how to attract more students to technical studies, how to work with parents, companies and other schools. It was discussed how to implement shared good practices from partners from other countries.

Presentation Career Fair (Norway)

In February 2019 SPSCH Pardubice will welcome 30 students and 6 teachers to take part in international “Best Young Chemist” competition with team projects from Coco+ partners. Let’s wait and see what they will create during Autumn 2018.

International „Best Young Chemist“ competition

11-15th February 2019 our school welcomed 52 participants to take part in first International „Best Young Chemist“ competition that is organised within Erasmus+ Coco+ project. 9 teams from Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Portugal presented their chemistry project on the topic „Green chemistry“. Find here summary of their experience: 

Online event „How to increase students’ motivation in technical education? Exchange of good practice”

On 7th December 2020 within Erasmus+ Coco+ project we have organised an online event “How to increase students’ motivation in technical education? Exchange of good practice” where partners have shared their experience during project and also their general good practice how to inspire young people to be more interested in technical and scientific education.

Participants could hear good examples from Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Portugal. We had an opportunity to meet a real example of results of our partners work, get more inspired and boost. 

During our discussion session we explored what changes need to be done in for the future and how can each of us contribute to this change. 

You can find presentations and recording of the event in the project website

Follow the progress in project website:  //cocoplus.szily.hu/

Project Leaflet

Project roll-up

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