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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Rivers Flow Into Life – Erasmus+ KA105

Rivers Flow Into Life – Erasmus + KA105 Youth mobility

Period:  01.2019 – 10.2019


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The aim of our project is to raise awareness of the cleanliness and protection of rivers. Project training course for young people will be between 28 April – 6 May 2019 in Sakarya – Turkey. 1 group leader and 4 participants (16-25 years) will take part in this training from each partner organisation. 

Bulk fish deaths that occur frequently in the province of Sakarya are to improve the sensitivity of the resulting ones and to take responsibility with the young volunteer in our country for the cleaner of the Sakarya river and to carry out activities that will increase this sensitivity.

Our project specific objectives are:

  • Establish public opinion on environmental clean-up and protection of rivers
  • Doing poster work for the use of unconscious agricultural medicine
  • To prepare “ Clean Environment for Happy Future “ panels at Nehra coastal and village schools.
  • Providing / contributing to the responsibility of local people in the „Ecological Restoration“  studies.
  • Reading the book on the river side, doing nature walking and environmental cleaning,
  • The institutions responsible for protecting rivers and struggling with environmental pollution – Establishments and schools will be targeted and aware of widespread progeny and cleanliness of water resources.