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The More You Know – The More You Love – Erasmus+ KA229

The More You Know – The More You Love – Erasmus+ KA229

Erasmus The More You Know - The More You Love

Period: 01.09.2018 – 15.08.2021

Project number: 2018-1-RO01-KA229-049134

Project website: https://knowtolove.weebly.com/

Project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-More-You-Know-The-More-You-Love-1649477351865381 



Our project „The More You Know, The More You Love“ that will last for nearly 2 years, combines 5 partner countries from Turkey, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. We have planned 5 LTT activities for short-term exchanges of groups of pupils with 7-8 students and 3 accompanying persons and 1 short-term joint staff training event with 4 teachers from each partner country. The teachers who will take part in the project have the knowledge, skills and language skills to manage this process successfully. 7-8 different students in every mobility during the project will benefit, a total of more than 25 students is to be appointed. Our criteria for the selection of the participant students are; they are supposed to have responsibility, willingness and language skills, ability to work in groups. The students who have these criteria will be assessed for language skills.This assessment will be set by a committee of English teachers at our school. In case of a large number of students with the same criteria, priority will be given to the students who are unable to take part in transnational activities economically. 

During our project, folk songs, folkloric dances, festivals, traditional rituals which are part of cultural identity will be organized and the young people will become social and will be tolerant to each other and recognize each other’s cultures. In this project we will use methods such as drama, play, learning by doing, group work in transnational events. The countries participating in the project need to see their cultures to recognize each other, or to experience as a part of that culture for even a short-term. Because culture reflects society. We want to recognize and promote the architectural structure, music, handicrafts, folk dances, culinary culture of countries with this project. During these meetings cultural excursions will also be organized to promote historical and cultural values apart from educational activities.As a product of our project, a mini dictionary consisting of everyday expressions of the participating countries, a collection of folk songs and folk dances from each participating country will be prepared and used for the target groups as dissemination activities. 

„The More You Know, The More You Love“ aims to promote, maintain and share cultural values. Thanks to this project we want to contribute to the personal and social development of our students and teachers. We want to stay close to the distances, be close to students, and establish permanent friendships, so we want to contribute even a little bit to the world peace. We aim to bring cultural riches together with our project, to meet at events of different cultures and to contribute to the formation of conscious youth.We want to pass on our cultural heritage to the next generations and introduce them to individuals in different countries. At the same time, we want individuals to learn their own cultural, national and spiritual values and to be contemporary, open-minded and love each other. Our project aims to overcome cultural conflicts without considering religion, language, race and gender differences, to combat prejudices and to cooperate in tolerance environment to provide. With this project, we want to help our young people become individuals who own their own values, who respect the values of other countries, who are self-confident, thinking, inquiring, acting in their own creativity. To create a team spirit in students, to be „we“ rather than „I“, to produce something hand in hand and use it is one of our most important purposes.Those who have learned the cultures of each other and have succeeded in being tolerant will serve for world peace in the future. 

Thanks to this project, participant teachers will increase their confidence, develop language skills, establish international relations, learn different cultures. In this way, the teachers who have improved their skills will open the horizons of their students and they will increase the quality of their schools. Our school will be recognized internationally and will be preferred by students. It shouldn’t be ignored the fact that our project will provide economic benefits and employment for the participating countries locally, as well as the contributions we have mentioned above. It will be created love, respect and tolerance among the participants from different cultures. Cultural bridges will be built by carrying out different cultural activities and communication skills of students will improve. 

Please find here a project magazine prepared by coordinators from Romania –  Know to love magazine

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