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High School of Chemistry Pardubice

Teaching in the Digital Age – Erasmus+ KA2

Project implementation period: 01/09 2015–31/08 2018  Teaching in Digital Age Erasmus+

This international project was created within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Our school is the main coordinator of the project, the other partners are:

  • Escuela F. P. Juan XXIII Salesianos Reconquista, Spain
  • Byåsen videregående skole, Trondheim, Norway
  • Abidin Then Pakmaya Anadolu Lisesi Edremit, Turkey
  • Kutseõppekeskus Valga Valga County, Estonia.

The aim of the project is to promote the cooperation of vocational schools in terms of the introduction of modern methods of teaching vocational subjects with the strong support of digital media (cooperative learning, classroom flipped), and the professional development of teachers and sharing experience with colleagues from partner schools. This collaboration will be supported by five international meetings of teachers from all partner schools.

The project will map the use of IT techniques by teachers and students, SWOT analysis will be carried out on used teaching methods in all partner schools. The main output will be creating a file of podcasts for teaching mathematics and two other vocational subjects according to the focus of the school and their implementation into teaching. In our school we will create these podcasts for chemistry and biology.

The project will also help to intensify the cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises in the partner countries. The companies will participate in choosing topics for creating podcasts.



TRENTO 7. – 13.2.2017

Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age 

Here VETGroup presentation:



TRONDHEIM 17. – 21.10.2016

 Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age


Here is Presentation from Trondheim:

Teaching in Digital Age_Tronheim Presentation



VALGA 3. – 7.4.2017

The meeting focused on new teaching methods using digital technologies. Participants tried to use the educational applications (Loquiz, Actionbound, Padlet, Achso !, etc.) in practice. An interesting application is especially Loquiz, which the participants could try out in the field with the iPad. Using the app, they went through a route with tasks that they immediately filled and recorded. After the end of the work, individual teams could find out how successful they were.

Teachers also attended math, physics, chemistry and ICT lessons. They could try Geogebra programme, which can be used to support teaching mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Part of the visit was a visit to the Estonian National Museum in Tartu and the capital Tallinn where the participants heard a lecture on the Estonian educational system and the possibilities of involving students in the learning process as co-authors of the content taught.

Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age

Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age Valga

Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age 



PARDUBICE 27.11. – 1.12.2017

Last week of November 2017, our school hosted a project team of seventeen teachers from all our partner schools. The main focus of the meeting was the presentation of created podcasts and discussions on the experiences from their developing. Participants also visited some subjects (mathematics, biology, chemical laboratories).

We used the broad focus of our school and showed some of specific activities that are part of the lessons: for example, unusual and effective chemical experiments and self-defence. But the greatest success was the laser shooting range.

Very lively and interesting was the Peer Learning Activity, called Project Reflections, where we defined the experiences and barriers of video creation, sharing opportunities, and their benefits. Interesting suggestions were on the topic of Project Support of School Leadership and How to Involve Other Teachers.

Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age

Erasmus Teaching in Digital Age