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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

TeachMergency – Erasmus+ KA202

Erasmus+ KA202: Preparation for emergency situations: teaching rescue, surviving and first aid (TeachMergency)

Duration: 01.12.2020-30.11.2022

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Project number: 2020-1-CZ01-KA202-078372

 Website: https://ugm.lrv.lt/en/activity/project-erasmus/teachmergency 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeachMergency 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/teachmergency/ 


Project summary

TeachMergency AIMS to equip teachers/trainers with innovative tools in teaching rescue, survivor and first aid. Partners will focus on exchanging best practice, passing this know-how to colleagues and increasing quality of education of firefighters and rescue professionals. The importance of training cannot be underestimated in the world of emergency services. Where life safety is at risk, competence of the responders should be paramount. When the citizens in the community call for help, they expect and deserve the very best from rescue professionals when they respond.

In addition, developed simple online material will reach communities and teach basics in rescuing, survivor and first aid.

Further OBJECTIVES of the project are:

  • To identify and exchange key elements that involve human protection skills: rescuing, surviving and first aid.
  • To provide VET teachers/ trainers a tool and a practical platform to increase their professional development.
  • To contribute to a healthy, safe, prepared for potentially risky situation community creation.

The project will be a giant step forward to making sure that firefighters and rescue training organisations have a chance to create a professional, enriched and motivating learning environment for its teachers/ trainers so they can be part of lifelong learning.

The focus is on training the teachers / trainers (36 from all partners) and to provide them the most needed practical environment to exchange the good practice in rescue, surviving and first aid topics. TeachMergency also will involve firefighter students (12 from all partners) who are on the front line to become rescue specialists.

We will prepare a teacher’s guide to share accumulation of skills, knowledge and competences acquired during teaching rescue, surviving and first aid.

During project implementation partners will create short video tutorials that will share very simple tricks and tips on how each person can apply and try in their lives. This will increase safety and security in community members no matter the age.


Project meeting – Kick off in Czech Republic

17-18.08.2021, Pardubice – SPSCH Pardubice

Our project has started in November 2020 with online meetings that continued throughout theyear. Finally, on August 17-18 2021, all partners met in person. SPSCH Pardubice invited 7colleagues from Lithuania and Slovakia to join and discuss coming up mobilities and projectimplementation details.

Tour around SPSCH Pardubice school: 

We reviewed preparation for the staff training, discussed the further practical approach of theTeacher’s guide and development of videos. We can confirm that while online meetings are helpful,physical meeting is so much more efficient, fruitful, and engaging. Within a day and a half, wemanaged to do a lot and also create a stronger team. We have no doubts that we are creating astrong bridge between our partners not only for this project but also for other initiatives.

Visit at Učiliště Požární Ochrany Velké Poříčí:

Tour around Pardubice Fire Brigade

Project progress meeting – Lithuania 

9-10.11.2021, Vilnius – Fire Fighting Training Center in Lithuania

In parallel to Staff training – rescue from the water, Lithuanian partner held also a secondtransnational project meeting. Partners had the possibility to review the progress of the project,discuss in more details coming up mobility’s programmes.

In addition to management questions, project managers could also view part of the staff training,discuss with participants on their expectations, needs and impact. It was very beneficial for theprogress of the development of the Teacher’s guide.

Partners also had an opportunity to visit the 6th Vilnius Firefighters brigade, the EmergencyResponse Centre in Lithuania and Vilnius Firefighters training school’s Practical training division.It was very much enriching.

Staff training – Rescue from the water 

9-11.11.2021, Vilnius – Fire Fighting Training Center in Lithuania

Lithuanian Fire Fighters Training School held staff training in rescue fromwater. The main topics of the training were swimming test, life-saving appliances for water (ice) rescue, diving and swimming equipment, diving and swimming techniques, ways of searching fordrowning person, rescue work on water and ice, methods of drowning person’s transportation andlanding. Teams from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania had opportunities to share experienceand knowledge, to compare methods of rescue, discover similar challenges and solutions and workin real conditions. All knowledge will be included in a Teacher’s guide for civilians and also used inlearning programmes for rescuers. You can find participants‘ insights in the video.

Teaser video:

Tour around the 6th Fire Brigade of Vilnius:


Tour around The Emergency Response Centre in Lithuania:

Tour around Lithuanian Fire Fighters Training School facilities:

These were the activities that participants identifies the most useful: 

  • „Swiming pool, training area, getting to test the equipment“
  • „Learning drowning rescue“
  • „I liked the test of swimming in firefighting clothes the most and then there was a very interesting methodology regarding the boat on the water“
  • „The background for training, expertise of the instructor, plan for the whole week“

Upcoming activities: 

  • 26-29.04.2022 – Staff training about First aid in the mountains (Slovakia)
  • 25-28.05.2022 – Staff training about Rescue from the heights in the mountains (Czech Republic)
  • 31.05 – 01.04.2022 – Project management team meeting on the progress (Czech Republic)
  • 24-28.10.2022 – Rescue trainees training – competition (Czech Republic)
  • 9-10.11.2022 – Project management team meeting to finalise the project (Slovakia)

So next, we will have training in Slovakia – first aid and staff training in the Czech Republic – rescuefrom heights. Stay tuned!


1st Edition 2022 

Expectations for the project and what should all training in rescue, surviving and first aid hope for. 

Contact us if you want to find our more information about the project: Justina Pluktaite – pluktaite@spsch.cz