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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Photos from school events

Fire Protection Days

With the new school year, we again started the project „Promoting science and technology education in the Pardubice region,“ reg.No .: CZ.1.07 / January 1, 00 / 44.0012. One of the activities are also Days of Fire Protection that are designed for primary school pupils. On 26-30 September events in Kolín and Hradec Králové were held. Pupils were explained the basics of fire protection, the influence of oxidizing agents on the course of combustion, handling of hazardous substances. The part of the event was was also a demonstration of fire attack.

National Team Candidates for Fire Sport 2015

In sunny weather on 12 October the selection to create national representative teams in fire sport took place at the new sports complex. The interest of young athletes was really great – nearly 150 candidates signed up! It was very difficult to choose the best ones that await the preparation for the representation of our country for the next world youth championship. Several students from class 4PO helped with the organization of this competition.The whole event has become a „stress test“ of the new sports complex and the organizational skills of the organizers. According to the response of the participants the event was very successful.

Excursion of 4th grade Students

Not only theoretical teaching, but also excursions to chemical companies shape the overall view of students. During September 4th grade students visited the leading chemical companies thanks to the project Promoting technical and science education in the Pardubice region.“

Adaptation Courses, September 2-5, 2014

In the first week of the new school year the students of the first grade took part at adaptation courses. The part of the adaptation courses were various teambuilding games and the students build new relationships.

Sports Day, June 24, 2014

Traditional sports event was attended by students of all disciplines. Besides football, basketball and beach volleyball students could also compete in athletics. Diplomas and sweet rewards were given the teams and individuals in the school gym.

Junior Championship in Fire Sport

On 17-20 July 2014, the students of our school participated in the preparation of the ceremony on the occasion of Junior Championship in Fire Sport. We would like to thank the organizers that allowed students studying the field of Fire protection at our school to participate in this spectacular event.
Arch-finalisté prezence

Project „Na kolech na dětské tábory“

In the project „Promoting science and technology education in the Pardubice regionreg. No. CZ.1.07 / January 1, 00 / 44.0012cognitive entertaining program full of chemical experiments is held, called Science and technology on wheels for children in summer camps„. Children can either learn something new or brush up the knowledge of chemistry from school as well on holidays. We visited 8 summer holiday camps.

School Promotional Events

Our school has already taken part in several promotions. Children’s Day was held on 29 May in the cooperation with the Municipal Police in Hradec Králové. Super Children’s Day at the Pardubice racecourse followed on June 7. On 12 June,we cooperated with the civic association „Přijdu včas“. The project BRAVO II on June 17 in Pernštýn Square was held in cooperation with the University of Pardubice. Science and Technology Fair offered unusual insights into the world of science and a variety of scientific experiments. One of the latest promotions, „Fair of science and research“, is conducted in the cooperation with Palacky University in Olomouc.

Skiing course of class 2 PO – Jizerka 2014

International Fair of Hairdressing and Cosmetics in Paris, Mondial Coiffure Beauté, September-October 2013

Visit of Fire Brigade Pardubice, September 2013

Promotion of Hairdressing and Beauty Salons in Polabiny, September 2013