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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Fire Protection

A four-year, full-time study is finished with a final exam.

School educational syllabus:

  • Fire protection chemist

Characterization of the Specialization

This study is designed for students with technical abilities who are interested in getting education in field of fire prevention, population protection and safety in industry. The curriculum is composed of theoretical, scientific and technical subjects oriented around fire protection and emergency events connected with population protection. A significant part of the education is an English language preparation.

Profile of the Graduate

The students get technical and chemical knowledge and skills in field of fire prevention and population protection. They get the qualification of Technician of Fire Protection in compliance with § 11 of the act No.133/85 Coll., and they are prepared for work in fire brigade units and other institutions and departments in the field of fire protection and population protection.

This specialization is unique in the Pardubice region, and it is taught only at the High School of Chemistry Pardubice.