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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice


At the Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice (SPSCH Pardubice), students are educated, among others, in the field of Hairdressing. This is one of the youngest fields in our school. It was founded in 2012 and the first pupils started in this field since September 2013.

There are 2 main study programmes: Hairdresser and Hair Cosmetics.


A three-year, full-time study, students receive a certificate of apprenticeship.

Number of admitted pupils in the school year 2019/2020: 50

School syllabus:

  • Hairdresser

Characterization of the Specialization

This specialization Hairdresser is designed for students who like working with people, who want to make something new and whose interest is in offering hairdressing services. The basis of this specialization is vocational practice in fully equipped beauty salons, Here the students learn the basic hairdressing operations and gain experience dealing with clients. The theoretical preparation is focused on hair care, making a hairstyle, the principles of hygiene and professional communication. A significant part of the study is the possibility of having professional excursions, lectures and competitions (for example, Young Fashion Designer in Jihlava and Caliber Cup in Lanškroun). The school also arranges refresher or in-service courses, for example, hair lengthening, visage courses, nail modeling and others.

Profile of the Graduate

The graduates of this programme can find employment as hairdressers, offering professional services in both large and small beauty salons where they make men´s, women´s and children´s haircuts/hairstyles. They choose the appropriate technological procedures in compliance with the individual customer´s wishes, the aesthetic requirements, modern trends and the safety and hygiene regulation. Furthermore, the graduates can provide professional advisory services in the field of hair care.

Curriculum in brief details

For pupils we have 3 modern and fully equipped facilities (salons). One is open for the public. Everywhere there are washing desks, drying heads, hairdressing tables with positioning chairs, necessary electronic appliances (curtains, hairdryers, electric machines, hair irons, etc.). Additional facilities for the classroom include technical facilities (warehouses, washing machines, dryers).

Students participate in national contests for young hairdressers:

  1. MMT Jihlava (Young fashion designer – competition of young hairdressers and cosmetics)
  2. The Crown of Creativity Prague (the largest competition of its kind in the Czech Republic and Central Europe). The championship for students of secondary vocational schools and secondary vocational schools in fields such as hairdresser, cosmetician, make-up artist, for three-year and postgraduate studies.
  3. Kalibr Cup Lanškroun (discipline: hairstyle)

In Jihlava we have already obtained several diplomas for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. In Prague we ended up among the winners.

We are involved in various projects and events (e. g. Erasmus+ Traineeships, Rainbow Wings, Hair Cutting and Editing, Children’s Day, etc.).

Vocational training in 1st year

Each pupil is buying himself a hairdressing apprentice set – starting equipment for beginner hairdressers. The set includes basic tools and hairdressing aids required for everyday work. School set of hairdressing aids (pinnacles, buckles, raccoons, raincoats, Jaguar or Kansai scissors, hair brushes, comb set, etc.) and training head. The set for the apprentice meets the basic requirements for the Secondary Vocational School hairdresser.

First-year students attend school week practice. In the first year, pupils learn basic types of haircuts, water waving, hair rooting, finger techniques, laid wool, tattooing, hair removal, hairdressing, hair styling, shaving, hair and moustache, hair care, hygiene and sanitation hairdresser’s work and behavioural principles in hairdressing practice (hairdresser’s appearance, customer relationship, professional craft control, shop appearance). Pupils in the first half of the year perform hairdressing exercises on the training heads and with each other. In the second half of school year they run on family members and friends. At the end of the first year, they already work with customers on a business basis.

Vocational training in 2nd year

In the second year the students are one day at the school hairdressing salon with customers, the other days are in the training room, where they are perfecting their hairdressing services for the men and ladies. The second year’s training is dedicated to ladies‘ and men’s haircuts, dyeing, decolourizing, melting, tuxedo, shaving, watering up and communication with customers.

Vocational training in 3rd year

Pupils of the third year are mainly on the job (e.g. school hairdressing salon) and one day a week they have classroom instruction. Students deepen their skills and knowledge about competition. Pupils improve hairstyles and prepare for the final examinations they perform in July. The study of the hairdresser’s field is finished by the final exam, which consists of a written examination, practical examination and oral examination. All parts of the exam are the complete knowledge of the hairdresser, both theoretical and practical. Upon successful completion of all three parts of the exam, the student will receive a final exam certificate and an apprenticeship certificate. After completing the studies in the hairdresser’s field, the student is ready to pursue the profession of hairdresser. Practical exam is carried out on applied models on given topic (colouring, editing, hairstyling in the given topic and defence of individual professional work).


Every year number of Hairdressing students take part in Erasmus+ VET mobilities (Erasmus+ VET Charter since 2018),  School exchange and Strategic Partnership projects. Teachers are developing their professional and personal skills during Erasmus+ staff training, job shadowing mobilities around the Europe annually. The school is cooperating with organisations in Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland.

The school actively organises activities for Internationalisation at home. Every year there are number of students who are hosted for their Erasmus+ VET training.

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