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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Safety and Legal Studies

At the Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice (SPSCH Pardubice), students are educated, among others, in the field of Security Law. This is one of the youngest fields in our school. It was founded in 2012 and the first pupils started in this field since September 2013. This is a subject which is taught at our school under the Ministry of Interior’s expertise. Pupils in this field are prepared for the potential access to security forces, whether state-owned, such as the Police of the Czech Republic, the Customs Administration, the Prison Service etc., as well as civilian security services such as civilian security agencies etc. This is the ultimate goal subordinates and curricula, according to which our pupils are trained and whose content is supervised by the aforementioned Ministry of the Interior.

Safety and Legal Studies

A four-year, full-time study finished with a final exam.

Number of admitted pupils in the school year 2019/2020: 60

After two years the students continue their studies according to one of these syllabuses:

  • Forensics
  • Protection of persons and property

Characterization of the Specialization

In the course of study, the students are acquainted with the basic rules and formal requirements for the administrative work of the security forces, with the different branches of the Czech law system, with the emphasis on criminal law. The students gain the knowledge of standards of public order and its protection; they use information and communication technologies, the basics of economics, psychology and other social sciences. During the study, the students´ ability of self-control is developed and used during the training in self-defense. An integral part of this study is the study of two foreign languages.

Other subjects include Criminology, during which pupils are acquainted with all three supporting pillars of this field, including criminological techniques, criminalistic methodology and criminalistic tactics. The aim of this course is to acquaint students with basic methods and methods. Which are the security components used to detect, audit, document and prove criminal activity. In this area, the issue of crime scene investigation is particularly concerned.

The study of the two above-mentioned subjects is concluded at the end of the fourth year by passing the maturity exams.

Another subject with which students are acquainted during the course of their studies is the Safety Preparation, during which pupils on the one hand are acquainted with the individual state security units, where their organizational structure, their basic tasks and competences are analyzed. On the other hand, the pupils are familiar with the basic procedures of the safety authorities in the course of their tasks. Here, above all, attention is paid to the issue of operational search, transport, escort and protection of VIP persons and interest material, security checks of various areas, whether it is vehicles, enclosed or public spaces.

Furthermore, our pupils are trained in the subject of Prevention and Detection of Crime, where the main focus of teaching is on criminals, victims of crime and basic special psychology. Pupils are introduced to this subject, among other things, with the basics of criminology and penology.

Another subject at our school in the field of BPČ is shooting preparation, where pupils are acquainted with the basics of gun science, shooting theory and ballistics and basic legislative documents relating to the area of ​​acquisition, possession and use of weapons in the Czech Republic. Shooting instruction is completed with sharp school shootings, where pupils go through short firearms such as CZ 75 pistols, CZ 70 pistols, Glock 19 pistols, Sa vz. 61 and so on, as well as long weapons such as the SA rifle automatic vz. 58 or shotgun. The aim of this course is to prepare our pupils to take legal exams to obtain a firearms license.

Last but not least, our pupils are acquainted with the basic elements of self-defence and close combat, as part of the subject of Special Physical Preparation, in which they learn about the basic elements of Juda, Karate, Aikido, and combat self-defence. The aim of this course is to increase the psychological and physical resilience of our students and give them basic directions in the course of the battle. Last but not least, pupils are familiar with basic techniques when using improvised means of defence, such as keys, mobile phones and various other items of daily necessity.

The teaching of the above-mentioned professional subjects is provided by teachers who have been at least 20 years old members of the armed and security corps of the Czech Republic before joining our school.

In teaching our pupils, the school cooperates with a wide range of subjects. These subjects together with us participate in the preparation of our pupils for their further activities. These cooperating entities include, among others, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, the Prison Service, the Municipal Police in Pardubice and Hradec Králové, the District and Regional Courts and a number of private civilian security agencies.

Profile of the Graduate

The graduate is well informed in the system of government and public administration and in the system of the state and civil (private) security forces. The gained education allows the graduates to apply for posts in public and private security forces, to conduct business in private security services and agencies, to work in administrative jobs in state and private organizations, to apply for studies at colleges or universities with security or legal specializations, and also to apply to study at the police academy.


Every year number of Safety and Legal Studies students take part in Erasmus+ VET mobilities (Erasmus+ VET Charter since 2018),  School exchange and Strategic Partnership projects. Teachers are developing their professional and personal skills during Erasmus+ staff training, job shadowing mobilities around the Europe annually. The school is cooperating with organisations in Slovakia and Estonia.

The school actively organises activities for Internationalisation at home.

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