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Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice

Safety Services

At the Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice (SPSCH Pardubice), students are educated, among others, in the field of Security Law. This is one of the youngest fields in our school. It was founded in 2012 and the first pupils started in this field since September 2013. This is a subject which is taught at our school under the Ministry of Interior’s expertise. Pupils in this field are prepared for the potential access to security forces, whether state-owned, such as the Police of the Czech Republic, the Customs Administration, the Prison Service etc., as well as civilian security services such as civilian security agencies etc. This is the ultimate goal subordinates and curricula, according to which our pupils are trained and whose content is supervised by the aforementioned Ministry of the Interior.

Safety Services

A two-year, full-time, follow-up study finished with a final exam.

Number of admitted pupils in the school year 2019/2020: 30

Characterization of the Specialization

The graduates are informed about the basics of psychology and pedagogy. They are able to recognize unlawful action and to open and run criminal proceedings. They acquire general knowledge of administrative work and necessary knowledge of the law; fieldwork rules of investigation; security; the application of the rules for the protection of the victims of criminal acts; and information and communication technologies of the state administration and economics.

Profile of the Graduate

The graduate is able to apply for occupations in which the knowledge and appropriate application of the legal regulations of the Czech Republic is required and in the fields of public order and interior security. They also can work in public administration in the fields of company protection; banking, insurance; integrated rescue system; prison services, the judicial guard, the municipal police and customs administration.



Every year number of Safety and Legal Studies students take part in Erasmus+ VET mobilities (Erasmus+ VET Charter since 2018),  School exchange and Strategic Partnership projects. Teachers are developing their professional and personal skills during Erasmus+ staff training, job shadowing mobilities around the Europe annually. The school is cooperating with organisations in Slovakia and Estonia.

The school actively organises activities for Internationalisation at home.

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